Driven by people, enabled by technology

What we do

  • Fulfil potential

    We look at your business from multiple angles, connecting all the dots to find unexpected opportunities. We help unlock your value by making use of new technologies and tools.

  • White-collar expertise

    In our approach, we merge the exciting promises of technological innovation with the financial side of building a business. You will get the agility of a startup and the toolbox of an enterprise.

  • Active ownership

    We are your sparring partner, and take a collaborative and transparent approach on everything from strategic processes to day-to-day decisions.

Who we are

We are an investment company that partners with technology-driven design studio Bakken & Bæck, merging world-class tech and design skills with international investment expertise.

We come together across disciplines—strategy, design, tech, finance—and experiences to create the strongest of all fastenings: Dovetail.

Our long-term view and hands-on approach means we build companies that last.

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The team, Johan, Erik, Tobias and Codruta

Our team

Our investment focus

  1. 01

    Businesses where digital technology is, or has the potential to be, a key enabler

  2. 02

    Commercially proven companies that are profitable or have a clear path to profitability

  3. 03

    Room to be an active and influential owner

  4. 04

    Opportunity to employ NOK 30‑150 million in growth or buy‑out capital

“We spend a lot of time together with the teams we invest in. For us, decent people and shared values are just as important as added value.”
Codruta, Partner at Dovetail

Finance and strategy. Tech and design.
Dovetail puts two and two together.

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